Gift Ideas for High School Graduates!

Graduation gifts for new high school graduates can be difficult to choose. Choosing a right gift is very important. The best gift idea is the one that serve practical purposes. Gifts range from simple gifts that can be used in day to day lives to gifts that serve practical purposes to prestigious and luxurious gifts. You should have good knowledge of what the graduate wants. A gift presented to a graduate that is needed will be treasured for years to come.
Here are some gift ideas  to help you find something creative, unique and personal:

1. Get organised with Personal organiser.

Filofax personal organiser is a perfect gift and will last your graduates for years to come.  Its so easy to keep records of all new appointments, record to do list,  addresses & phone numbers of new college mates and much more.

2. Leather Folders/Portfolio.

You can also gift a Filofax leather folder/portfolio that can be used when the graduate starts their course work.

3. Leather accessories.

Essential accessories in leather to coordinate your Filofax personal organiser. Includes purses, passport covers,  travel wallet, identity cards, credit card holders, pencil cases. Graduates can keep spare cash to pay for dinners, buy books, keep student ID cards, and use pencil cases to store stationery.

4. Laptop, Courier & Messenger bags.

Its hard to imagine a graduate without a good quality bag to carry books, course work stuff, laptop, stationery, etc.  Filofax has a range of contemporary and classic bags. Range includes laptop, courier, messenger & tote bags. Smart, casual, work day or weekend, just throw it over your shoulder and you’re off!

5. Journal to keep memories.

It can be a better time for travel than right after high school when responsibilities are low and possibilities are endless? Send your graduate on their senior trip with this great Paperblanks Journal and they’ll have memories to look back on for years to come.

6. Make it special with a Classic Parker, Waterman or Sheaffer Pen!

Any of classic pens like Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer are great gifts for anyone, anytime. Hopefully having an stylish and comfy pen will encourage graduates to continue writing and studying hard.

7. College Goody bag.

You can prepare a College Goody Bag for graduates who are off to college. Simply feel it with all essentials stuff like pens, stationery, postage stamps, erasers, rulers,  markers, highlighters, laundry marker pen etc. This is will definitely be creative and unique gift.

8. Cash or Gift Card Certificate.

Cash or gift cards may not be the most unique gift, but will be appreciated (perhaps the most!) by a graduate just starting out. Choose a nice card in which to enclose the gift that keeps on giving!

Give a rose made up of dollars. The amount of pounds or dollars you use it up to you, just twist them into a rose using florist wire and present to the person graduating. The person can use the money to buy anything he or she needs after graduating.

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