The Pencil iPad Stand – Geeky Gadgets

While spinning my favorite Faber-Castell Grip Pencil and browsing internet for news to get ideas for my new blog post, I suddenly came across this article [via Geeky Gadgets]. It was something I had to share with you as it was about my favorite pencil. All genius ideas are simple especially when you can tear down a project into reusable components. If you can save yourself from purchasing an expensive paperweight or wasting perfectly good materials on something that will ultimately make it into the waste bin, all the better, right? That’s why I like Julian Horsey’s Pencil iPad Stand. It’s just 6 Faber-Castell Grip 2001 Pencils and 4 rubber bands. Presumably, when you’re done watching a movie or playing PvZ, you can break it down and tuck it away into a pencil box.

If you don’t have a Faber-Castell Grip Pencils, you can use alternatives like Staedtler Pencils. Here are another creation by Julian Horsey.

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