Pilot Capless Pink 2011 Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Namiki is named after Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Pilot (Namiki’s mother company). However, superior craftsmanship is just the beginning of this prestigious company. For as beautiful as they are, Namiki writing instruments are designed to be used. A precision nib, superior ink, and lead delivery systems ensure an exceptionally smooth stroke and clean line. In every aspect, Namiki redefines quality and originality in premium writing instruments. They use their skills to design the first ever retractable fountain pen known as Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point or Pilot Capless fountain pen. The fountain pen without a cap.

Every year Namiki brings out a new addition to their prestigious Limited Edition Capless Collection. This year Pilot launches a new addition to its colourful and charming family, 2011 Limited Edition Capless pen in Pink colour. This latest edition has been awaited by pen enthusiasts around the world for months and with only 2,011 pens available world-wide, this edition will be the crown jewel of any collection.

The bright pink limited edition fountain pen comes in a custom made leather pink case. It is stitched vinyl and closes with a magnetic clasp.

The new Capless pen is identical in size to other Capless pens with vanishing point. It employs a precise system for nib extension, retraction and protection. When the nib is retracted, a little door closes so that the ink will not evaporate. Because they are so precisely made, these 18k rhodium plated medium nibs are good candidates for our cursive italic customization.

All of the Pilot Namiki fountain pens come with a converter for filling from an ink bottle. This converter is interchangeable with cartridges available in a number of ink colours.

Each pen is individually engraved with a serial number to ensure a one of a kind piece. Order your Pink Capless Fountain Pen Limited Edition today, they will go fast!

And more great news for Pilot Capless collectors. We have few more of 2009 Pilot Capless Limited edition Fountain Pen in Vivid Red left in stock.

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