Top 10 Reasons to Buy Fountain Pens! by Mrhappyscriber

10 things you should know about fountain pens!10 things!! eek, well here goes!

  1. Come in a full variety of barrel colours and feels.
  2. Can be versatile with ink colours (I even have some purple parker cartridges somewhere!)
  3. Come in a variety of nibs which not only give you fine to broad writing but also Iridium, stainless steel and gold plated, to full carat gold nibs.
  4. Fountain pens show a person’s personality.
  5. Most fountain pens come with an adaptor, which mean you can use bottle ink, or for greater convenience use cartridges.
  6. Former Prime Minister David Lloyd George signed the Treaty of Versailles with a massive gold Waterman fountain pen given to him by his wife.
  7. Apparently George Bush Senior uses a Cross Townsend.
  8. Fountain pens show, in my humble opinion, style and class.

I got to eight, so not too bad, anybody add to this?

You can get in touch with our guest blogger Thehappysciber on Twitter @Mrhappyscriber


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