Handwriting is not a dying art by Guest Blogger

handwriting is not a dying art

Whenever I have to sign or write something I am always amazed by how many people still say “Oh, a fountain pen, I haven’t seen one of them for years”. As if fountain pens are obsolete when the opposite, is the truth. Contrary to public opinion, other the past few years the sale of fountain pens has risen which confirms my belief that hand writing is not a dying art.

This digital world, that plunder’s on, inventing faster computers and mobile phones, where things can be found in an instant. It seems as if we have suddenly decided to rush ahead into oblivion.

Cast your mind back 13 years ago as we approached the year 2000, the panic that hit the entire world that all I.T would have a glitch at the stroke of midnight. Remember earlier in the year, some major banks had a meltdown in technology making thousands of our lives turn upside down due to a computer glitch. People run round like headless chickens when computers crash; and although technology has brought lots of advantages, it will never cancel out hand writing.

All over our country there are a hundred thousand miles of archive storage with hand written documentation going back centuries. It may well be a high speed digital world, and it does take time and considerations to hand write a letter.

I find it the most relaxing therapy to just sit and write my friends of the ups and downs in my life and it gives me the greatest pleasure receiving letters from my friends that are hand written There is nothing nicer than knowing that in this mad dash world someone has taken the time to sit and talk to me through a hand written letter. Handwriting is definitely not a dying art.

You can get in touch with our guest blogger Katheamanuensis on Twitter @katheamanuensis.

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