Faber-Castell Grip Plus Pencil Review By Mrhappyscriber

Another pencil by Faber-Castell is this blue barrel Grip plus pencil. Fully retractable tip, Triangular barrel towards the tip would make this a great must have for those who write or draw for long periods, or for people with a problem gripping a pencil.

Faber-Castell produces this pencil in a choice of four barrel colours and with the fully retractable tip makes the pencil very pocket safe. An extra-long twist action eraser is a massive benefit. Yet another remarkable pencil from Faber-Castell. The Faber-Castell Grip Plus Pencil put a new meaning to the word pencil. I have yet to see or try a Faber-Castell pen of any description but based on the pencils I have tried so far, I will not be disappointed no doubt. How much can you write about a pencil…? Faber Castell gives a whole new concept to pencils with this Faber-Castell Grip Plus pencil range. A comfort to hold and write or draw with.

You can get in touch with our guest blogger Thehappysciber on Twitter @Mrhappyscriber

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