Zebra Airfit Gel Rollerball Pen Review By Mrhappyscriber

Zebra is a completely new name for me to encounter. This pen needed a bit of ‘waking up’ to start, but having said that it’s giving me pleasing results. A medium black nib and being refillable make it more appealing. The Zebra Airfit gel rollerball pen is good to hold with the ‘rubbery’ of the barrel that you grip when writing. This Japanese brand is new as I remarked earlier, but from the packaging they are far from being the ‘new pens on the block! 1897 to the current 2012 puts them in the well-established bracket.

Zebra have a pen, this one in a massive market, maybe price is a factor. The Zebra Airfit pen also sports an adjustable binder clip which is certainly a bonus. Zebra will have to make more impact on me to buy their products, however, the Zebra Airfit Gel Rollerball Pen is a good start.

You can get in touch with our guest blogger Thehappysciber on Twitter @Mrhappyscriber

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