Non-Sense: ‘Lamy +Apple = Compartable’

Non-sense Lamy + Apple = Compartable

Have you ever heard of such non-sense: ”Lamy + Apple = Compartable”. Just been advised by team of ”professionals” from reputable company to optimize my listing keywords after I gave them just 10 product names to start with and to see how good they are. When I saw the list first, I was speechless and don’t know to laugh or to cry. They came up with suggested keywords to use and here we go:

”Lamy Safari Touch Ballpoint Pen Apple Green Stylus”
”Lamy Touch Fountain Pen Converter Stylus”

According to this titles Lamy Safari ball pen or even Lamy ink converter comes with integrated stylus and can be used to write on iPhones or iPad. Under ‘Compartable Brands’ they inserted ‘Apple’. Can Lamy pens or especially ink converter be really comparable with Apple iPads or laptops? Its non-sense.

If I had such ‘bunch of professionals’ on my payroll, they would be suck on the spot, sadly its not up to me. Guys, please do your product research before come out with such suggestions.

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