Guest Blogger – Stabilo SMARTball Ballpoint Pen with Touch Screen Review

Stabilo Smartball Pen

To catch up with demanding world of smartphones, Stabilo pens designed a new pen this year, the Stabilo SMARTball. The ergonomic ballpoint pen with a touch screen function has the best of both worlds, also available with options for right or left handers. We sent this new Stabilo SMARTball gadget pen for a test drive, here is the verdict.

Stabilo SMARTball Review – A great pen for students

The Stabilo SMARTball is very comfortable, being ergonomic it is easy to hold, it is triangular shaped just above the nib making the sides flat rather than circular.

I feel the Stabilo SMARTball will especially suit students. The Stabilo SMARTball ballpoint pen has a dual purpose, you can write notes and use the conductive stylus at the top of the pen on your mobile, laptop, computer on any touch screen simply by turning the lilac grip to activate it.

The Stabilo SMARTball will make live much easier for students taking notes and being able to move between applications – the Stabilo SMARTball is a brilliant time saver.

Stabilo smartball pen review

You can get in touch with our guest blogger Katheamanuensis on Twitter @katheamanuensis

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