Zebra Pens Brought Two New Pens to UK market – the Zebra Telescopic Brights & the Zebra Fortia 500

We are pleased to announce that the Zebra Pens Company finally brought two new pens to the UK market. These pens are from existing Zebra pens range but previously not available in UK, these are the Zebra Telescopic Brights ballpoint pen and the Zebra Fortia 500 slim ballpoint pen.

Zebra Telescopic Brights Ballpoint Pens

If you already got bored of the original Zebra Telescopic pen with a black glossy cap and want to add some colour to your desk, this new compact pens is for you. Zebra pens introduced six new vibrant colours to this range and re-launched them as The Zebra Telescopic Brights ballpoint pens.  Go ahead and express yourself with colour – light blue, light green, orange, pink, red or yellow.

Zebra telescopic brights ballpoint pens

Zebra Fortia 500 Ballpoint Pens

The Zebra Fortia 500 ballpoint pen has a sophisticated look and slick design which makes it ideal to carry in any executive or pocket dairy. The slim and stylish all metal pen with a twist action also available in five different colours – black, midnight blue, forest green, silver and marron.

Zebra fortia 500 slim twist ballpoint pens

The Zebra Fortia 500 supplied in a very smart black gift box and when I first saw this model I said ‘’this pen reminds me of Parker Insignia ballpoint pen but in a slimmer version and with a different arrow clip design’’. This is definitely another great quality pen from Zebra and with an unbelievably low price tag.

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