Thinking of Protecting Your Favourite Pens? Think Pen Case!

If you own any type of writing instruments, have you thought of how can you keep your pens or pencils in perfect condition? How many of you carry pens in your handbags, pockets or one day they might fall from your desk and your favourite pen can get scratched or even worth? Give your fountain or ballpoint pen the greatest care and in return you get a satisfaction of knowing that your writing instruments are being safe.

But what is an effective way to keep your pens safe? The answer is simple, why not try some of our pen cases for protection. Some pen cases have a very attractive design and variety of colours, but they also designed to house pens or pencils. Leather pen cases help to protect your pens from bumping, scraping and scratching your writing tools. Thankfully, there are different designs and sizes available on the market.

Online Leather Pen Case – Single, Double, Triple.

Online leather pen cases made of genuine black strong leather and an ideal accessory for complimenting your pen purchases. Your pens will be secured with the tuck-under flap catch mechanism. Single leather case is designed to house just one pen. Double and triple leather pen cases have dividers to separate compartments which prevents your pens from colliding and being scratched.

Sheaffer Leather Pen Case – Single & Double.

Sheaffer leather pen cases made of genuine black fine leather and embossed with the Sheaffer rivet logo. This pen cases are ideal accessory to match your Sheaffer pens. Your pens will be secured with the tuck-under flap catch. Single leather pen case will house a single pen while double pen case can hold up to two pens but it does not have a divider inside to protect your pens from touching each other.

Lamy Leather Pen Case – Single & Double.

Give your Lamy pens protection with this excellent Lamy leather pen cases made of genuine black strong leather and embossed with the Lamy logo. Lamy has a range of leather pen case available. Simple slip pen pouches in small size, ideal for Lamy Pico or large size, ideal to keep standard size pens. There is another range of leather pen cases with a flap closing into loop and available in single, double or triple size. Double or triple pen cases have individual pockets for each pen rather than a divider inside to separate pens. And at last we came to the double leather pen case with a flap and button closing, offered as free gift and is a part of the Lamy Logo pen set.

Pelikan Leather Pen Case Single

Pelikan leather pen case made of super soft grain leather and stitched to last. Pen case has a long fold-over flap with magnetic clasp and embossed with the Pelikan logo. This beautiful leather pen case in black or white is big enough to house even the largest Pelikan M1000 pen.

Faber-Castell Plastic Pen Case, Triple

Faber-Castell has a very cleaver packaging to store their chunky pens. Pen case made of white or black plastic and closing or opening with a flap. Inside there are three compartments to house up to three pens.

Parker PVU Pen Case, Double

Parker company cut down on pen cases in recent years and the only pen cases available is made of black PVU.  This Parker pen cases are not sold separately but they come as a free gift when you buy a special gift pen set from Parker IM or Urban pen’s range. Pen case has room for two pens and has a flap for closing. Parker logo is embossed in the front of the pen case. There is no inner divider to keep pens apart.

Senator Leather Double Pen Case

Senator leather pen case made of fine black leather and has a flap that tucks under the loop to keep the case closed. Inside there are slots to carry two pens and a leather divider to prevent pens from touching each other. This leather pen case is a great value for money.

Senator Skuba Vinyl Single Pen Sleeve

Another style of a pen sleeve from Senator. A very simple carded pen sleeve made of flexible and durable vinyl, and comes in variety of vibrant colours. This pen sleeve design to hold one pen, as described by manufacture, but two or even three slim pens can fit easily but this sleeve don’t prevent pens from touching each other.

Large Leather Single Pen Slip Pouch

If you just carry around a single writing instrument there are several styles of cases available. A simple leather single slip pen pouch is an affordable way to experience the benefits of protecting your pens. With its sleek design is ideal to carry in your pocket shirts or jacket without sticking out.

Small Leather Single Pen Slip Pouch

What better way to keep your Fisher Space Pen safe and sound than with one of this small leather slip pouches with a choice of funky colours which are specially designed to carry small or compact pens.

Zebra PVU Pen Case

Zebra pens has a small range of PVU pen cases. Pen cases are very basic, more like a slip pouch type and usually come as a free gift when you buy Zebra pens.

Pilot Black Velvet Pen Pouch

Another freebie from Pilot pens. A simple black velvet pen pouch  comes as a free gift with Pilot Birdie pens, but pouch is large enough to hold standard size pens.

This is not a complete list of pen cases, instead we just wanted to introduce you to several styles of pen cases available but we will add new models to our list in near future.   What methods do you use to protect your fountain pens and other writing instruments?

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