New Guest Blogger – Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review – A Break in Tradition for an Amanuensis!

Our new guest blogger Kath is amanuensis and can’t imagine her live without fountain pens. She got in touch with us when she was looking for a new fountain pen to replace her favourite Sheaffer pen. She writes a lot and being a left-hander, she needed reliable and ergonomic pen so we suggested she tried a Lamy Safari Apple Green fountain pen. Kath was very kind and wrote her first review as a Guest Blogger. Keep an eye out for upcoming pen reviews from Kath and get in touch with her on Twitter (@katheamanuensis)!

I am an amanuensis for the second largest college in Europe. For almost 20 years I have only bought Waterman and Sheaffer Fountain pens but as all things in life move on, when I needed to buy new nibs for my pens I found to my sheer horror that replacement nibs cost £125 upwards.

So, I trolled the internet searching for new pens and I found I Love Pens eBay shop and this is where I found the Lamy Safari Fountain pen.

To my delight its ergonomic design that Lamy have made make this pen very comfortable for left handers like myself; Lamy have shaped it perfectly so that it rests gently on the second finger without causing pressure, which is ideal if you have to write on reams of paper as I do.

This Lamy Fountain pen is light, comfortable and it flows very smoothly with a medium nib. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys handwriting.

Thank you Lamy, this pen is wonderful ~ Katheamanuensis

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