New Guest Blogger – Sheaffer VFM Pens – Value for Money Review!

Our new guest blogger, Peter, contacted us wanting to know more about Sheaffer VFM pens as he was looking for a new suitable fountain pen to try out.  He likes writing with fountain pens, so we suggested he writes some guest articles for the blog. Keep an eye out for upcoming pen stories, pen reviews, and articles from Peter or ‘’the Happy Scriber’’ he calls himself and can be found on Twitter (@Mrhappyscriber)!

A Humble, yet professional man, marketing for over 20years, then will writer, but moved on to probate research, more commonly known as Heir Hunting. I live and work for myself in Bradford, West Yorkshire, an avid notebook, diary and pen collector! Learning to play the theatre organ and write/read music.

Review of Sheaffer VFM – Value for Money pen set

I purchased this pen set having been disillusioned at some previous fountain pen purchases from across the water, far, far water. The set comprised both fountain pen and ballpoint pen and although I was only after a fountain pen I could not resist the value this set offered.

My first reaction was WOW! Nice to hold, smooth barrels on both fountain and ballpoint pen and the Neon blue is vibrant in colour. I often visit people at home and have to get them to sign a document of some description, and I have many blunt nibs on fountain pens to prove it! Now I can simply keep my fountain pen in my hand and pass them a close second with the matching ballpoint pen. When I saw this pen set on the website I thought VFM = Value For Money; it actually means Vibrant Fun and Modern and certainly lives up to its name. Both pens are a delight to write with. Elegant design both pens sit well in the hand.

The Sheaffer VFM fountain pen has a smooth flow and does not appear to bleed much on any paper I have used yet, The infamous blue/black ink cartridges that come with the pen are easy to install, my only qualm is I am a ‘black person’ when it comes to writing in general and the blue/black ink isn’t just quite black enough for me.

The Sheaffer VFM ballpoint pen comes with a blue refill. The mechanism in the ballpoint is a nice definitive click! This, appeals to me. Overall though, what can I say other than an exceptional set of pens, appealing to the eye (and my sister, another fountain pen left hander!) and most reasonably priced for someone not used to a fountain pen, worth giving a go. The set comes in many vibrant colours although my next purchase will be the black and silver versions, but that’s just me!

Sheaffer have certainly provided an affordable executive pen set to those who want one. It’s also worth knowing that these pens are sold individually.

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