Filofax unveils the new Pennybridge iPad Case!

Back in the 1980s any ‘Yuppie’ carried his or her well packed a bulging Filofax personal organiser in their handbag or briefcase. Fast-forward to now and every budding tech entrepreneur, web wiz or social media guru is, of course, carrying the new iPad.

In an increasingly technologically dependent world, the British brand offers a new stylish response to contemporary living.  This season Filofax has harmoniously married together modern technology with paper-based organisation in the latest innovation in the new Pennybridge range: the A5 featuring an iPad holder and fully removable organiser.

Pairing fun and functionality, the quality leather-look Pennybridge captures the intimate pleasure of putting pen to paper whilst letting one keep the world at their finger tips through a conveniently placed iPad. Effortlessly chic and with a full wraparound zip closure, perfect for those on-the-go, this A5 case has two compartments one holding an organiser, the other designed to hold an iPad.
Browse the internet, play with the latest apps, listen to playlists and read e-newspapers, all whilst keeping on top of your diary schedules and your favourite Filofax inserts.

Gordon Presly, Filofax CEO commented on new product design:

“The latest addition to the Pennybridge family is a reflection of modern living and the lifestyles we lead. Even with the increasing popularity in mobile devices, we’ve found that many still love the simplicity of paper-based organisers and the freedom of which they offer.”

The new Pennybridge A5 featuring the iPad holder is available in black, red or purple colours.

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