PenAgain Write n Twist had a makeover, introducing a new refillable Rockyt Writer Pencil !

The PenAgain is awesome and can quite simply change the way you write. Children can not only change the way they write with Rockyt Writer pencil, but they can change the way they learn to write.

Many children have difficulty learning to write. Their fine motor skills may not be keeping up with their desire to learn. This can be very frustrating for a child and can affect their enjoyment of the learning process. Often time’s children resort to using unconventional ways to grip a pencil to compensate for their still-developing fine motor skills.

The “caveman” grip is one example (ie: the pencil is placed in the center of the palm and a fist if formed around it). Once that habit is formed it becomes very difficult to break and subsequently transition to the proper “tripod” finger position (ie: thumb, index and middle finger grasp). The “caveman” grip can slow the child’s educational progress and create a negative association with the writing/learning process as child is constantly pushed to change his grip on the pencil to one that child finds dramatically more difficult.

PenAgain Twist n Write pencil had a makeover and now available in the new refillable version, PenAgain  Rockyt Writer. This ergonomic pencil uses the natural weight of the hand rather than rely on the child’s ability to grip the pencil. This simplifies the writing process by focusing the child on guiding the pencil instead of forcefully gripping it. The Rochyt Writer’s ‘Y’ formation and large gripping surfaces ensure that a child assumes the correct ‘tripod grip’ taught in schools. Kids are drawn to its rocket shape, vibrant colours and built-in dual erasers. The pencils use thick 2mm #2 lead for long use and never need to be sharpened!

Parents, teachers and occupational therapists also report that the ergonomic rocket-ship design is particularly helpful for children with weak fine motor skills, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome or Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Get a grip! (actually… don’t)

The Rockyt Writer’s design is so galatically different that it requires a few pointers and it takes a bit of getting used to.

When I say pointers I mean it literally. The most important first step in holding the Rockyt Writer correctly is to simply point with your index finger. Don’t try to hold its lower half like a regular pen (we see this all the time).

Place the Rockyt Writer so that its rear “rocket boosters” straddles your index finger.

Make sure that your index finger rests flat on the indented gripping surface (right where the Rockyt Writer logo is). Then place your thumb on one gripping surface and your middle finger on the other.

Now simply guide the Rockyt Writer with your whole arm. No need to grip it forcefully. It’s cool rocket shape is designed to fit within your hand and support it in order to take advantage of its natural weight. It makes writing so much easier and fun!

Refueling (How to refill the Rockyt Writer)

Step 1:  Insert the dipstick through the whole in the back of the Rockyt Writer to push out any last bit of refill.

Step 2: Firmly insert a new refill though the whole at the front tip of the Rockyt Writer.

Step 3: Turn the front tip of the Rockyt Writer clockwise until only a bit of the refill remains exposed.

Step 4: Ready for blast off!

Terminology: We call the refills Rockyt Fuel. You get 5 in every package (plus the one refill in the Rockyt Writer). Additional refills sold separately. You also get what we call a “dipstick” which is used to push out any leftover refill once most of it has been used up.

For more information on PenAgain products please visit manufacture’s site.

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