Berol Cartridge Fountain pen has a new shape!

We’re come a long way since the first quill pen using a goose feather, and we’d like to introduce you to new Berol cartridge fountain pen for 2012.

The Berol cartridge pen is great for children learning pen control, enabling them to write quickly and smoothly, boosting their confidence and consistency.  It features a soft grip underneath the pen which rests on the middle finger to help reduce calluses, and gives comfort to the thumb and third fingers where bumps usually appear. Not only is it comfortable, the finger stop also reduces learning frustration by stopping fingers from slipping.

The nib of other fountain pens consists of a slit which can separate and wear out, which can result in scratchy handwriting. The Berol fountain pen features a high performance stainless steel nib with a ball pellet at the top to ensure smooth writing and a long life.

The pen has been designed using a unique, stylish shape with a larger middle, giving it an effortless, modern look to appeal to children aged 7 to 9 years. It doesn’t just look great; it is quick and easy to refill using cartridges to prevent messy fingers.

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