New Products: Filofax Petal, Filofax Swift, Metropol Kingfisher Blue personal organisers, Parker Esprit, Parker Executive, Parker Classic Pens and More!

New products are in at iLovePens!

The New Filofax Petal featuring bold floral prints featuring contrasting colours bring to life the Petal organiser. Break free from tradition with the enthusiastic and fun Petal, a design full of character and more than a hint of playfulness. A screen printed organiser with an elastic closure.

The Parker Esprit telescopic pens and pencils  have contemporary minimalism and cutting edge. Its smart telescopic mechanism and pure portable design will appeal to those who want technical precision and perfect functionality. With a range of vibrant colours and sleek technical modes, Esprit is compact business pen for fast-moving world.

The Filofax Malden added new purple colour to product range. A laid back personal organiser with rustic stitching and a soft, casual construction. The Filofax Malden features a glazed buffalo leather finish in a range of colours.

The Parker Executive is a sleek multi-pen with high technology of a Quattro multifunction system. The Executive is an all metal pen featuring pendulum/gravity mechanism with push button. Parker Executive multi –pen not only save space but also offers a simple, reliable mobile solution for active business people who demand instant results and expert performance, every time. Special offer – get up to 25% Off Parker executive range.

The  Filofax Swift has a beatiful design and brings a breath of fresh air with a charm reminiscent of spring. The graphic birdcage print in sage and white is effortlessly ladylike with unique appeal. A screen printed twill canvas organiser with an elastic closure and cute button.

The Parker Classic Stainless Steel pen & pencil set offers classic style and instant appeal. Writers looking for a high quality, functional pen can’t go wrong with a Classic.

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