Add new three colours to your Zebra Expandz Collection!

I love my Zebra Expandz mini ballpoint pen for being compact and with fine point refill, which makes it so easy to write on small spaces when filling paperwork. It’s something I would expect from Japanese manufacturer – the high quality and unique design.

This year Zebra introduced three new vibrant colours to their Expandz family. The matt black was replaced with the high gloss black and new high gloss red colour added as well.  The new pink & black stripe zebra stripe pattern really caught my eye, it’s definitely the one for lady’s.

Zebra Expandz ballpoint pen has an expandable and retractable barrel which is only 103mm in length when closed and 133mm when the barrel is expanded. There is also a mini version of this pen, ideal to keep in your wallet or purse.

If you already own a Zebra Expandz ballpoint pen or mini version, what do you think of new colours?

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