Get creative with Sharpie Pens…

We are pleased to announce that Sharpie pens are now available at I Love Pens. I think we all familiar with Sharpies and that this permanent marker pen can write on most surfaces. But some Sharpie enthusiasts realized its potential and got creative.  You can use it for some DIY projects, write on fabric, wrapping paper, stationery or to create fashion accessories. You don’t have to be a ‘’crafty’’ to create some stunning peaces and to have some fun with Sharpie pens.

Browsing through Sharpie blog, I was impressed with what you can create with Sharpie pens.

Now that’s what I call looking’ sharp! Check out the suit – all done with Sharpie markers.

You can turn an ugly lamp into something really funky.

Transform your old shoes with paint and Sharpie markers, into virtually new shoes!

Now this is what I call HOT WHEELS! As a kid you were probably told never draw on anything with a Sharpie.

Artists have all different quirks, types of personalities and styles, hence such creativity and self-expression!  Why not to create a work of art and decorate your home.

If you run out of a gift wrap, why not give Sharpie a try and to create you our gift wrap.

Sharpie gets benched…

So give Sharpie a go and uncap what’s inside….

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