Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day is almost upon us and everyone is beginning to think about what gift they can buy their Dad that he hasn’t already received many times before. Well fortunately we’ve got few fantastic Father’s Day Gifts ideas for you.

Don’t forget to show your Father some love and affection on this day, and what better way to do that with a special gift to show how important he is to you.

Our Father’s Day gift ideas are picked with your Father in mind, whether he enjoys a classy fountain pen, or smoothness of a ballpoint pen, or simply into gadget pens.   If you’re stuck for inspiration this Father’s Day, you can also browser our selection of pens or Filofax’s.

If you Dad into fountain pens, why not choose this contemporary pen set from Parker IM range. Set complete with a fountain and ballpoint pen in silver colour, plus you get a Free Pen Pouch with a Parker logo.

One of the popular choices for collectors is a slim and classy pen set from Parker Classic range, featuring a ballpoint pen and a pencil with stainless steel finish and complimented with a notepad.

Waterman ink bottle holder will be a great accessory on your Father’s desk; a wooden holder designed to hold an ink bottle and has some room to keep his favourite fountain pen, all in one place.

For someone who is on the go or travelling a lot, Fisher Space pen Bullet pen and pouch set is a great present. Pen is small enough to keep in the pocket and can write upside down or under different temperature conditions.

The revolutionary USUS pen is held together by magnets, making a great gift for anyone who likes gadgets. There is no need for loose springs and parts.

If your Dad is completely keyboard dependant then writing with a pen hurts. Look at Yoropen Superior pen with an ergonomic design and soft grip, also can be used to left-handers.

The Tombow Egg Pen is probably the thickest writing instrument in the world. Its original shape fits perfectly into your hand. As well as being comfortable, its innovative appearance makes it an ideal Father’s Day gift.

For someone who spends a lot of time in the office, pay attention at this great product from Stabilo.  Set of 8 Stabilo Boss highlighters are ideal for quick and easy highlighting of documents, while Stabilo Boss Mug looks great on the office desk and perfect for tea-breaks.

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