Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens now at Half Price Sale!

We are currently running a special promotion on Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Pens Half the RRP in the I Love Pens Online Store.

What is a Stabilo Point 88?  Stabilo Point 88 is a fineliner revolution, Europe’s number one best selling fineliner pen and the only fineliner available in 25 colours. Its hexagonal striped design is unmistakable. Water based ink and a long cap off time make it extremely versatile. The metal encased tip increases its strength and makes it perfect for use with rulers and stencils.

Also available in mini format.  Pocket-sized Stabilo Point 88 Mini finiliners are available in the same colours, same quality…Your favourite Point 88 now more portable than ever: in miniature! You can always take it with you, whenever needed.

Stabilo packaging options are great. They produce sets in clear wallet, roll-up format or in sturdy plastic cases which can be used as a desk sets.

Stabilo believes that colours help to increase your ability to concentrate by 80%. A coloured text is more interesting and understandable. Things are easier to memorise if you use different colours when studying: do your mind a favour and organise your plans in colour.

Do you know that you can create a watercolour effects with a Point 88? The main characteristics of this pen are a water-base ink and you can use them with a waterbrush to sketch landscapes.  You will be surprise in the way Stabilo Point 88 fineliner pen’s ink reacts to paper and water. Wet and dissolve it like a watercolour pencil.  You can let it dry and try wetting it again to lift out some colour, try to experiment with Stabilo fineliner pens.

Stabilo states that these pens are fade proof, which is more than one can say about some of the pricier water soluble media being offered.

It seems that Stabilo Point 88 is multipurpose fineliner pens and we would be delighted to hear from anybody who has used them for colouring or sketching and experiment with watercolour effects.

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