Truly ingenious – the STAEDTLER digital pen!

This revolutionary electronic ballpoint pen enables the digital capture of handwritten ideas, personal notes and sketches. These can then be transferred directly to your computer or notebook, for editing or further processing – the possibilities are practically endless.

To make Staedtler Digital Pen work, you need to attach the digital receiver to your notepad or writing / drawing surface and it allows you to capture up to 100 A4 pages of notes and sketches. These can then be downloaded to your computer via a USB cable and will appear on your screen in their original form. In other words, an exact copy of whatever you wrote or drew.

With the advanced handwriting recognition software included, handwritten notes can be converted to text at the touch of a button and input directly into Word (or other Office packages). No more time – consuming notes to retype!

How does the Staedtler Digital Pen work?

  • When the pen makes contact with the paper to start drawing, it begins transmitting ultrasound and infrared waves.
  • The receiver is able to position the pen on the paper and assembles what has been written or drawn (storing up to 100 pages of notes)
  • Via USB the data can be easily transferred (via handwriting recognition software) to a computer or laptop and converted into computer text or saved as a picture.

Be Mobile!

Whether in a meeting, in a lecture theatre, in the field, on the train … the receiver will work remotely – i.e. not connected to PC/Laptop.

The Staedtler Digital Pen is suitable for all ages and uses. This is easy to use and convenient to carry, the new digital pen will appeal to all age groups and users, but particularly students and professionals, such as architects and designers, secretaries and PA’s.

Join Staedtler for a new chapter in writing history and enter a new era in electronic writing.

2 thoughts on “Truly ingenious – the STAEDTLER digital pen!

  1. I really like all the review i’ve been reading about this pen I would love to get one, but i cant seem to find anywhere to purchase it. Does anyone know where I can get one?

  2. guys i only wanted to know one thing that i need a pen by which i write and it get transferrd instantly , i not want a pen that store first then i have to transfer it into the pc, i want word to word transfer from my paper to my pc

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