Mistakes disappear as if by magic with new Pilot Frixion 0.5 Point

New Pilot Frixion Point is the latest addition to the popular Frixion family. Thanks to the Pilot and the breakthrough in writing technology has made available the new erasable pen with new Hitecpoint extra fine tip which gives 40% more writing, compared to the standard Pilot Frixion with 0.7mm tip.

The new pens from Pilot erase by Friction, this pen has a special rubber end to rub the thermo sensitive ink away easily and completely, use the same ink to write or over-write with the same Pilot pen. Mistakes disappear as if by magic with a Pilot erasable pen.

New Pilot Frixion is slimmer than standard Frixion and now available with extra fine 0.5mm tip which writes a line approximately 0.35mm wide. Frixion Point has a new, stylish look, including neon caps with coloured end studs which depict the ink colour. The pen writes smoothly, in 7 vibrant colours – black, blue, red, green, light blue, violet & pink.

Do you know that the Frixion ink can actually reappear when the temperature reaches below – 10 C. A freezer is sufficiently cold enough to make the ink start to reappear. Sounds like a magic pen!

This product is not recommended for signatures, legal documents, examination papers or other documents where writing needs to be of a permanent nature. To avoid accidental erasure, do not leave writing where it may be subjected to high temperatures for a prolonged period.

With its thinner line width, Frixion Point erases more easily than Frixion Ball, making it perfect for diaries, marking, Sudoku and many other everyday applications. Also note that because the ink in this pen is thermo sensitive, we do not advise for it to be left in hot cars, used for mailing.

3 thoughts on “Mistakes disappear as if by magic with new Pilot Frixion 0.5 Point

  1. Just bought the whole set of the Point and Ball ones. I’m in love. Although they are ridiculously expensive here in Austria 😦

  2. Wow! Fantastic – I have my whole office hooked on erasable pens. These ones look much nicer than the ones we use – will have to look into getting some 😀

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