Zebra Expandz Telescopic Ballpoint Pens Range!

The Zebra Expandz is a very fashionable and sleek pen that has been dubbed the new Handbag Pen. Pen has a expandable barrel and if you look at photos below, you will notice that the Zebra Expandz pen has the same size as a regular pen.  It’s very easy to use this pen, simply pull the telescopic barrel to expand the pen from a compact closed length of 97mm up to its full length of 130mm, automatically deploying the writing point as it does so. As the writing tip appears immediately the pen starts being expanded, the Telescopic can be used at any length from 97mm to 130mm.When pen fully expanded it is impossible to know that the Zebra Expandz is hiding a secret of being a fully functional expandable and retractable pen.

The Zebra Expandz Telescopic ballpoint pen also offers a variety of colours to suite any taste – black, blue, light blue, grey, light green, purple, pink, orange, pearl white or silver (more of a champagne colour) and accompanied with a gift box.

There is one more addition to the Expandz range is a Zebra Expandz Stripy featuring black and white zebra-pattern. Its stripy look makes it a must have fashion accessory for all. This pen is also available with its equally stylish and fashionable striped gift box.

If you think this pen will do a trick on you while writing, you’re wrong. The Zebra Expandz telescopic pen has an all metal construction and feels very comfortable in the hand. When writing with a full-length ballpoint pen, the Zebra Expandz would not give you a feeling like it will collapse into the closed position. Ink writes smoothly and pen can be refilled with Zebra ‘F1’ refills.

As you noticed the main feature of this fashionable pen is its ability to be kept in compact places like pockets, handbags, personal organisers or cheque book.

4 thoughts on “Zebra Expandz Telescopic Ballpoint Pens Range!

  1. I found one of these pens best pen ever I lost it is live in a small rural town Australia Queensland have not been able to find a place where they sold

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