The first look at Filofax Malden in Vintage Pink & Crimson!

Filofax introduced a few new colours Vintage Pink and Grey to existing Malden range but I’d like to highlight a Filofax Malden in Vintage Pink and to compare with Crimson colour. If you not a fun a reddish or pinkish colours, you might opt for a neutral Grey version.

Malden range has a sophisticated look and made of vintage-look buffalo leather with rustic stitching and looks amazing. Buffalo leather is thick and flexible; leather has a ‘broken in’ feel but without looking worn, feels soft and durable.

Filofax Malden in Vintage Pink is a new addition to Malden’s family. Colour looks beautiful and reminds me a deep blossom pink colour; it’s not too dark and not too light, just right. Love this new colour.

Filofax Malden in Crimson has a rich subtle red colour and the smell of leather when it comes out the box is just amazing. I found it’s a bit hard to show the true Crimson colours as it’s changed a little bit after using flash on camera and might looks different on your s monitor.

Personal size organiser measurement is 140mm x 192mm and has ring mechanism size of six rings of 23mm. As usual lots of pockets to keep your staff with four credit card pockets and one zipped pocket on the left, and the slot pocket on the right to hold a notepad if you wish, plus a pen loop. And it’s not all, organiser fitted with a current diary week on 2 pages; ruler-page marker; 1-6 index in cream; to do list; personal finance (with icons); internet addresses; ruled paper in pink, beige, yellow, blue and lavender colours; name, address and telephone; A-Z index in cream; two letters per tab; business card holder.

The only difference I found between personal size and pocket size, of course apart from the size, is that personal size does not have an exterior full width wallet pocket.

Well, what else can I add, think photos speak for themselves.

10 thoughts on “The first look at Filofax Malden in Vintage Pink & Crimson!

    • Thanks for your comments, we just wanted to show how new Vintage Pink looks in comperesence with an existin Crimson. I just love this new colour plus Filofax introduced a new range of wallets and leather assesories in Vintage pink.

  1. Wow, I’d love to have a Malden in A5 and in red… Unfortunately I read somewhere that it isn’t produced in red 😦

    • I’m new to FILOFAX. Just purchase a Personal Holborn and Grey and Vintage Pink Malden on EBAY- the disct. ones. Does anyone know if the FILOFAX A5 will fit any of the Dayrunner, Daytimer or Franklin COvey Pages? How about if you hole punch them to fit? I want to use up what I have and curious if you can only use the Filofax refills for the A5. The Daytimer fits their personal size.

  2. Thanks for your comments and i was already informed about this article. Left my comment on their post and contacted them by email, but no reply from a blog owner, seems like blogger went into hidding.

  3. We have hit him for 6 today from all angles… the hosting company, domain registration company, Filofax for trade mark infringement, and the creme de la creme…. I don’t think he will be earning a single cent from his ads from now on… they haven’t confirmed it yet but they are willing to look in to the matter.

    I eventually got a response from the blogger… and he has removed a lot of the content stolen from our site, but there are still articles on there that I know he didn’t write.

    • Thanks for trying to resolve this issue, I still had no reply but hope this blogger will learn his lesson. Think we need to joing forces and run a campaign ”Hands off our blogs”.

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