Celebrate Friendship with Sheaffer 3 Friends of Winter!

Sheaffer unveiled its new product collection at Paperworld stationery show in Germany this year. The new special edition to Sheaffer 100 is designed to celebrate the gift of Friendship. The Sheaffer 100 Three Friends of Winter Collection showcases winter themed designs of bamboo, pine and plum trees, this plants continue to thrive and reveal their special qualities in winter when many trees and plants wither away.

Sheaffer Pen Group brand manager Gretchen Dickenson said in a statement:

“We are excited about the launch of the Friends of Winter collection. The Bamboo, Pine and Plum designs have symbolic meaning of fortitude while inspiring people to persevere and flourish under adversity. When presented together, they also signify a lasting friendship likened to friends who are faithful to each other in difficult times.”

The Sheaffer® 100 Friends of Winter Collection features three finishes in rollerball and ballpoint pens, including:

  • Gloss Black Featuring Nickel Plate Trim, Bamboo Design;
  • Gloss Black Featuring Nickel Plate Trim, Pine Design;
  • Gloss Black Featuring Nickel Plate Trim, Plum Design.

Each 3 Friends of Winter product comes with a bookmark designed especially for the 3 Friends of Winter series and available in luxury gift box. The pens are refillable and come with Sheaffer’s 1-year limited warranty. The price for ballpoint pen RRP £25, rollerball pen RRP £30.  Friends of Winter are also available as a set of three ballpoints in a special commemorative gift box, RRP £55.

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