The Perfect Gift – Fisher Space Bullet Pens with Leather Pen Case!

Fisher Space pen Company came out with few ideas this year and new product range now available. Famous Bullet pens now available with a leather pen case in gift box set.

The Fisher Space pens range was designed for use in Space, when astronauts began to explore the reaches of outer space, Paul Fisher realized that there was no existing pen which could perform in its freezing cold, boiling hot vacuum.

Countless experiments and a common sense approach to findings resulted in the invention of the sealed and pressurized Fisher Space Pens cartridges (Fisher Space pen refill) and in 1967, after 18 months of rigorous testing by NASA, the Space Pen was selected for use by astronauts.

2008 saw the 60th Anniversary of the design classic the Fisher Space Bullet pen, which today is the most popular selling item in the Fisher Space pens range. The bullet pen given its name due to its bullet shape appearance looks and feels like the ultimate write weapon.

The Fisher Space Pens Refill (Space pen refill) The refill is the technology of the Fisher Space pens. The sealed pressurized ink cartridge writes in almost any condition the Space pen refill writes at -30 degrees F (-34 degrees C) to +250 degrees F (121 degrees C), underwater, at any angle, even upside down!

So with that said you could say that the Fisher space pen refill is the most advanced writing instrument in the world.

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