Why choose a Filofax instead of an iPod?

In a world of gadgets, some might think that personal organisers like Filofax, becomes a vintage peace  and get surprised to learn that they still exist. So why would anyone choose a Filofax instead of something smaller, sleeker, faster and with more features?

If you are a gadgets freak you definitely choose an iPod, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and other softwares to stay on top of your life and organise your time management.

But I found that I still come back to paper to write quick to do tasks, appointments, phone numbers, some thoughts about new blog ideas and so on. There are so many advantages to use a Filofax rather then gadgets:

  1. It doesn’t crash.
  2. It’s always ON, and you don’t need to be connected.
  3. It’s instantaneous, easy to navigate back and forward between events.
  4. It’s freeform, you can organise it how you want it., stick notes on any page.
  5. It’s leather bounded organiser
  6. It comes in huge variety of colours
  7. It comes in different size to choose from and to fit for any purpose.
  8. Its perfect tool for time management to developing a personal sense of time, scheduling tasks, delegating and planning the day, putting plans into action, managing and tracking projects, running time focused meetings, controlling monthly expenditure, having a balanced life.
  9. It has different pockets, compartments to store credit or business cards, CD/DVDs, hold essentials papers, ets.
  10. Its has a binder, pages can be added or removed.
  11. Has a pen loop to keep a Filofax pen to write with.
  12. And so much more.

Filofax is a perfect tool in efficient time management, with lots of diary refills to choose from which will make your life a little bit easier. Filofax lovers know – ones you tried and used it, you never change it for any other gadgets. But what you can change is a diary refills, and its a perfect time to start looking for new Filofax with new 2010/11 diary.

We always thinking how to improve our services and what we can offer to our loyal customers, and from now on you can order any size/any colour of Filofax personal organiser from our eBay shop.

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