The Go Anywhere, Write Everywhere Pen – Ideal for Outdoors!

Summer holidays already started and most of us will go away. Some will spend time laying on a beach and enjoying lovely seaview, while others might enjoy outdoor activities. Does not matter where you are, under hot or cold weather conditions, or writing a journal full of your memories laying on the grass, or your just got an accident and need to take notes in emergency, you always need a pen. A pen to be strong, simple and perfect for any outdoor activities or an emergency situations. You need a pen to write clearly upside down, in hot & cold  temperatures and on wet paper. We choose few pens which match all this criterias to make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen.

The AirPress Pen has been awarded with the red dot award 2010 for excellent design. Did you ever try to write for a any length of time horizontally or overhead with a normal ballpoint pen? The gravity and the lack of pressure make this impossible. The Tombow technicians addressed this problem and during comprehensive tests developed the AirPress Pen worldwide patented technology. With one click the refill is pressurised and ready to use upside down and in any conditions. It has a rubberized grip a comfortable and secure hold even in the wet or with gloves.

The AirPress Pen ist the perfect writing instrument for all situations in which the writing instrument is not applicated in the usual inclination – e.g. at wallhanging marketing plans or at storage rack labeling. Also perfect for warehousemen, architects and building workers.

One can fix the AirPress Pen with its tough metal clip at the revers, at the suite-pocket or at the working clothes. Due to the little ear at the end of the flagpole one can fix the Pen with a lace e.g. to a rucksack. Additionally the AirPress Pen is a real outdoor-activist: The rubberized grip causes a comfortable and safe hold even the fingers are wet or one wears gloves. The perfect attendant for outdoor, hobby, school and business.

2. Tombow XPA Outdoor Ballpoint Pen.

Fastening just as easily to a spring hook as to a diary: the XPA designer ballpoint pen from Tombow is a sporty all-rounder with an assertive appearance and personality. Made of aluminium, which is at the same time pleasantly light but robust and well-balanced, it is available in satin finish silver or black.

At first sight, the Tombow XPA is small and easy to use. However, it has more than one string to its bow: a telescopic mechanism allows it to be opened out to a normal length for writing. At the same time the refill is activated. These features prove the practicality of the Tombow XPA. Furthermore, writing with this pen is simply a pleasure. Virtually impossible to lose The Tombow XPA slips everywhere: in your sports jacket, in your bag or briefcase. To be certain of not losing it, its press-stud is equipped with a practical opening fastening designed for a spring hook.

With its gas pressurised refill, the Tombow XPA even writes upside down. This is why it has proved itself in the most difficult of external conditions: during treks, on hikes in the mountains – or even in space.

3. Uni-Ball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen.

Never before possible with conventional pens, the Power Tank RT can write clearly upside down, in minus temperatures and on wet paper without blurring. The ideal pen for those who work outside or enjoy outdoor leisure pursuits. Additional features are a comfortable grip that cushions fingers, a convenient retractable function for easy use in more challenging conditions and a useful ink supply monitor. If you looking for a quality outdoor pen at a bargain price – Uni-Ball Power Tank definitely the Winner.

4. Fisher Space Trekker Ballpoint Pen.

Pioneering in technology the trekker Space Pen can hang upside down forever yet function immediately when needed.  This pen is “the Bomb” for so many different folks.  Are you an executive?  Put it on your keychain and always have a quality writing instrument at hand.  Police/Fire/Ambulance…clip it to your belt and it will sail through the daily abuse it will get! Students love this on their school lanyard.  It’s the choice of mountain climbers, sojourners, farmers, and security guards.  Give this pen as a gift and you’ll be remembered forever.

The trekker Space Pen with a key chain ring attached to the posi-lock cap allows for easy accessibility. The trekker Space Pen comes with a carabiner and a break-away lanyard making it easily attachable to a belt loop, back pack, purse, climbing gear, briefcase or anything else that is within your reach.

Honestly, I think any of Fisher Space Pens can be used for outdoor activities, thanks to the unique design characteristics of the ink and the high precision manufacturing tolerances of the ball point and socket. The ink is fed to the ball point by gas pressure permitting the pen to write in any position. An additional benefit of the closed design is that it keeps the pen from drying out giving the Fisher Space Pen an estimated 100 year shelf life.

5. Inka Ballpoint Pen.

And one of my last finds which we don’t stock but I thought its worth to mention is Inka Ballpoint Pen. Inka pen, manufactured by Inka Corporation, and it is able to write in the harshest of conditions, ranging from the scorching desert environment to very low temperatures and even under water.

But how is this possible? Well, the secret lies in the very special manufacturing technology. First of all, the pen is fabricated from high-strength aerospace-grade materials, the stainless steel barrel being hardened, CNC machined, center less ground then laser engraved. Moreover, it features a pressurized ink cartridge that allows the pen to work in just about any environment, at any temperature, altitude and angle of writing, but also underwater. Some other advantages worth mentioning are the very simple refill system as well as the built-in Delrin PDA tip, which could prove to be very useful whenever the normal styluses don’t work. The Inka pen measures 12.7 cm in length (while open), has a diameter of 0.95 cm, weighs 17 grams and works in the temperature range between -34 C degrees and 148 C degrees. Surprisingly, it’s also quite reasonably cheap, taking second place after Uni-Ball Power Tank in price range.

4 thoughts on “The Go Anywhere, Write Everywhere Pen – Ideal for Outdoors!

  1. The magic to the Uni-Ball Power Tank RT is the pressurized ink supply. That’s what allows this pen to right upside down and any angle the you can dream it. The ink was specially formulated to not freeze up even at -40 degrees F. Our company, offers personalized Uni-Ball Power Tank pens. It’s a perfect giveaway for outdoor, extreme and bonding corporate events. We would be glad to help you get these, or any other, pens for your next event.

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