1000s of Movie Tickets to be won with Pentel!

Pentel has started a new competition ”A Night at the Movies!” and you have  a chance to win a pair of FREE Cinema Tickets.

It couldn’t be simpler! Just purchase your favourite Pentel product from your regular stationery supplier, (make sure it has a sticker with a promo), scratch off the unique code hidden within the on-pack sticker, login to http://www.pentel.co.uk and enter your code. But it not that quick, then you have to play an online scratch-off game and if you’re a Lucky Winner – the pair of cinema tickets is yours. Tickets can be used at theater chains like Empire and Odeon. The competition is up and running now and till 31st December 2010 which gives pen lovers plenty of time & opportunities to Win 1000’s of Movie Tickets.

For those who got unlucky and miss out on the movie tickets, there is a chance to practice your soccer skills by taking part in Pentel’s Penalty Shoot-Out Game. The Top scorer gets a Terrific Clapperboard-style Alarm Clock. 10 runners up will also receive a Pentel goodie bag.

Good Luck in winning FREE Pentel’s prizes and stay tuned to I Love Pens’s Blog for more announcements on competitions & giveaways.

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